Nancy's Cumed On/Pissed On Photo Winner

Submitted by Tony. Enjoy his story and pics!

"I stand outside your door, my cock is starting to twitch as I reach up to push the door bell. I hear the familiar ding dong and wait, for what seemed like hours was only seconds and hubby opens the door.
He greets me with a big smile and "hello, you must tony?" I clear my throat and reply "yes" now my cock is starting to grow harder because I swear I can smell your pussy in the air.
Come in he says, she's waiting in the living room. Just thought of you waiting for me has my cock rock hard. As I follow hubby through the door, he looks back and asks "any trouble finding the house?" He's staring at my crotch, I think he wants to see if I'm hard yet. "No problem at all, great directions" I reply.
We enter the living room and there you are on the couch, with your legs spread and that sweet hairy cunt for all to see. You are truly the Queen of Masturbation and you have made the couch your throne. You look up at me through a lustful gaze "Hi Tony, welcome to our home, make yourself comfortable"
Bingo! The words I was waiting for or more importantly my cock was waiting to hear! I undo my belt buckle and unzip my pants and let them drop. I didn't wear any underwear because I didn't want anything to slow me down.
My cock is sticking straight, pointing towards your gorgeous cunt. "You asked me in an email about how I get off to you, well you're about to find out"
With that I step forward closer towards you, I grab my cock in my hand, damn I've never felt it so hard before. I place on knee on the couch next to you, I can smell the sweet musk of your pussy and my cock throbs more....
Love, TONY!"

Nancy's Winning Cumed on Pic

Nancy's Winning Cumed on PicNancy's Winning Cumed on Pic

I want to thank all the participants who sent in Pics of you either cuming on my photo or pissing on it. I made my selection on photo quality and content. I also selected the photo(s) that made my pussy wet the moment I saw them. Congratulations to this weeks winner. He/She has full FREE access to the membership area of this site for the week. You can also win. Just email your entry to

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