Drinking straight from the faucet...

The most requested act of pure kink that I get from my friends is to let them drink my pee straight from my pussy. At parties, I get requests to spread myself open and pee in front of the group. Most guys are fascinated by seeing a woman piss. There seems to always be one or two men in the group that just cannot resist getting under my pussy and having me let go into their waiting mouths. The rest of the group often cheer them on to swallow every golden drop. It's great wet fun at my place when we party! Join and quench that thirst of yours. Friend drinks Nancys Piss

Hubby drinks Nancys Piss The most avid piss drinker in my house is my Hubby. He is always eager to get his mouth up to my Pussy when I pee and drink every golden drop. He is my human toilet. He not only drinks my pee, he eats my poop too! He will take anything out of my body I can give him but his favorite is my piss. My Mother took this picture of him on our kitchen floor with me standing over him and giving him a large mouthful to drink down. My mom is fascinated by seeing him do this stuff. She had never seen anyone drink pee until we were married and did it in front of her one evening many years ago. My Mom thinks it's great that Hubby loves me so much that he would allow me to piss or shit into his mouth.

I love this picture that my Mom captured one evening. Hubby and I were in the bathroom thinking of things to do in front of her to arouse her when I told Hubby to get ready to piss on me. But I decided to turn the table on him and make him drink his own. I grabbed his cock and pointed it at my mouth and told him to start pissing. The second his stream started, I pointed his dick at his face. To our surprise he opened his mouth wide and managed to push the stream hard enough to fill his own mouth several times. He gobbled down his own piss like there was no tomorrow. It was so erotic and cool to see him do this. Mom remarked that this was probably one of the sexiest things she had seen him do in the bathroom. Friend drinks Nancys Piss

Hubby drinks Nancys Piss When I talk about FAMILY piss drinking, I have to include my ever horny Step Son. This kid has been having sex with me since the day he moved in with us. He, like his dad loves to drink piss straight from my Pussy. We now have "family toilet" parties but the only problem is that the guys argue over who is going to get my piss or poo on that particular evening. Hubby usually takes the fudge and the boy takes the pee though this kid will eat my shit too. It's probably as wild as you can imagine around here never needing a toilet because I have the two most important men in my life, acting as my personal human toilet. I don't even have to use toilet paper because their tongues are always at the ready for clean ups. Nothing is taboo in my house when it cums to toilet sex, piss drinking and poo eating. The boys love it and I get off doing it in their mouths.

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