I have always been an exhibitionists and a nudist but now I am also cuming out to proclaim my "bi" sexuality. I love women but I also love men just as much. Eating a nice hairy pussy is a good as sucking a rock hard cock. I enjoy going to parties where I get to undress and will even be the first one to get naked. I like to masturbate in front of an audience and my wife and I are always willing to fuck in front of other people. Together we are a couple that loves sex and sharing with other people. We even put on "fuck" shows at parties we are invited to.
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When I suck another guy's cock, I like to go slowly, running my tongue along the tip of his dick, tasting the precum as it oozes out of his hole, then I take the entire dick into my mouth and down my throat as I cup his balls in my hands. I also love to get other guys to suck me. As I look down at my own dick with a man's lips wrapped around it, I like to fuck his face forcing my pubic hair all the way to his nose. Cum on guys, bi or bi curious? Let's have some fun.