Hubby Cooking with my PEE and MORE for my Mom......

My Mother has developed quite an appetite for my meals and snacks cooked with hubby's fresh PEE as an ingredient. From Coffee to a bowl of hot noodles or even oatmeal, she loves seeing him totally naked and pissing into the food. She has also becum very kinky in the things she wants to see him do. This particular day, he fixed a pot of noodles for her boiling them in his piss. After filling the pan full of egg noodles he stood there totally naked in front of us and began to piss into it. Though it took him two full pisses to fill the pan completely, he had the noodles imersed in fresh pee. He boiled them on the stove until the noodles were cooked all the way through. He was totally nude with his cock and balls exposed for her. The room filled with a steamy aroma that smelled like hot pee. A sultry and sexy smell that we both knew was his pee. Mom and I were both very aroused by this aroma. As hubby served her a bowl of the hot noodles, he added a few drops of fresh pee and cum to it just for that extra flavor that she is growing to love. He loves putting on these kinky pee shows for us and the rest of our friends and enjoying food cooked in pee.
Hubby fills the pan with piss
Photo taken by my mother
Hubby gets just the RIGHT amount of piss for a recipee
Photo taken by my mother

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Hubby really gets off letting my mother and me watch him make snacks using his fresh piss.
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