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dear nancy, I absolutly love you and your lifestyle. How you are so open with everyone and everything along with your huge boobs, ass and sexy pussy hair makes me so hot and horny that words can't describe it. My dick gets rock solid whenever I look at any picture of you and sometimes even when I just think about you! There is nothing more that I want in life than to stick my stone solid cock in everyone of your holes while squeezing your massive sexy breasts. I dream of having dirty shitting parties with you. The feelings you give me can seriously not be described with words. I would love to fuck you for hours on end. I wish that you were my mom and I got to be one of your lucky boys. I would like to ask a favor of you and complete one of my greatest sex fantasies by having you send me a personal sex story with some pictures to accompany it. You have no idea how amazing that would be. I could write to you forever but my cock is so hard from thinking about you that I must go jerk off to your vidoes and pretend that you're handling and sucking my dick. I look forward to hearing from you! Happy fucking, jake

bet we r just one of thousands that get horny and then do sexual naughty dirty things after visiting your site, i mean i know my girl got so turned on seeing you shitting and eating in guys mouths and pissing and fucking just made her so horny she had to copy and act it out iwould so love to bury my head in your cunt whilst its full of cum, and i stick my dick in your cunt after youve been fucked using all the cum as lube, i bet you rpussy and ass tastes devine, your family are the luckiest to wake up to your fresh wet pussy every day, i have never seen a woman so kinky and open on the net EVER!!! My toungue would get lost in your pussy and i would love to eat your shit too, do u ever visit uk??!!!ricky

hi nancy wow where do i begin firstly your videos are amazing, what a lucky son to be able to watch yu piss and shit and eat it too, and your hubby is so horny too for the last 2 months ive been dating a 40yr old bbw. however she also is very hairy, and does not like to shave, so she has a very hairy pussy that goes alll down to her crack, thighs are quite hairy with hairy pits to match, when i see her naked or lieing on her back it really makes horny but i wanted to let u know of this encounter the other night. we were both a little drunk and went on your site, the piss/shit fetishes section drove her mad & once reading it so she took me in the bathroom with her, and pee'd straight into my mouth, she then forced me to lick her hairy cunt out which was stinking of piss, and then she made me rim her ass hole, but what she did next she had never done before, she opened her huge hairy crack and pushed out a large turd that she made me eat. There was quite a lot coming out so i started stroking some on my dick which she in turn started to suck and eat her own shit of my cock. Recently weve been doing this alot and we now call it 'chocolate dick' its very kinky, stay sexy would love to hear from you & would love to meet you rick xx

hey nancy baby im and live in ohio i jus love looking at ur hairy pussy and ass all day i dream about u every night and day i jerk off to u everywhere even at work i get naked every day jus like u. u and ur hubby are my idols i wuld love to fuck that hairy cunt i want u to piss n shit all over my body i am in love with u -jack from ohio

Jack from Ohio

I had a wonderful dream while napping this afternoon. You made me keep my nose in your hairy arm pits while hubby sucked on me. After I came in his mouth, he spit it into your mouth and you spit it into my mouth telling me to swallow it down. Then you gave me a nice long drink of piss before shitting in hubby's mouth and having me clean your ass with my tongue. It ended with you fuking my cock while hubby sat on my face getting rimmed. I sure was hard---and still am! Would love it if someday I logged into your site and saw a video that the three of us made together! love, msh

mmm Nancy darling, I saw the pic of you bending in the kitchen - Hot "Pic of the Day" - Tuesday - Mar 11, 2008. The sight of your beautiful ass, your half hidden anus and the tantalising glimpse of your pussy sent me into a frenzied jerk-off session! I came a torrential stream of spunk, wishing it was spurting deep in your hot wet cunt ... You are the best Nancy and your boys are very fortunate. Love you Mike (the love-struck limey!) xx

Hello Nancy, I love your site, I find it very beautiful and sexy, I particularly like your ass that I find very exciting and I love you as caca, see anus open and a drop �tronc very long, especially if chier you in the mouth of your man, I was very strong band and I masturbate for you Nancy, I like your piss, which must warm and safe to drink, that is why I adore your latest videos and j'�sp�re see on the other .... I am in France near Paris, if one day you come on a trip I will be happy to meet you and your man, I am also bi If not, you cam to cam via MSN or yahoo? I embrace you everywhere you and your man (and especially you leche your anus with my tongue greedy) Robin [email protected]

Hi Nancy, Just had to say how much I enjoy your site and would love you rub my cock over your pubic hair and insert my cock into you while you hubby rimmed my arse. Oh god yeah! You cunt looks so inviting, especially when there's cock inside it. Keep up the good work - would love to see you in an 8-man orgy or something similar! Adrian

Hi Nancy I don't know if you remember me, Mike from London, UK, but I am one of your biggest fans. I had to stay off the site for a while, because of family reasons but am back now and just as keen to have some hot fun, if I can get over to the States, that is! Although I have been offsite, I still cum a lot over pix I have saved of your heavenly body, imagining my spunk shooting deep in your mouth, hot wet cunt and ass. I attach a couple of pix to remind you baby. The pic I am jerking to is definitely my favourite of you. Love you still Mike xxx

Nancy, I love your natural hairy bush, all women shave their pussies....I hate it!!!! I told an ex -girlfriend that a Hairy Pussy excites me, as my Hairy Chest excites her!! She finally understood! I always tell my girlfriends if they are shaved to grow all their hair back, we should not tamper with what nature intended, including the natural smell, women also make themselves too clean...the natural odor was meant to be an afrodisiac! A slight urine scent is a turn on!! Do you have any 69 photos? Dennis

Nancy, It's so exciting to correspond with you. I'm pushing 50, and you are one of the sexiset women I've ever seen. Whenever I need to get hard, you're my viagra. You're correspondence got me so excited, I've jerked off to your website 3 times in the last three hours. Now I'm totally drained and need some rest, but will probably do it again after I get some sleep. Just had to let you know that you are my ultimate fantasy, before I collapse from exhaustion. Jack

Nancy and Bill, Both my husband and I are very excited by your stories. I love Bi men, and dream of being in bed with you, your husband, and my husband. Do you ever get down to the Ft Lauderdale area? We would love to have you stay at our house. Yours in lust, Abby P.S. Enclosed are photos of me. I'm the BBW

Hi Nancy. My name is Sean, I'm a 22 year old virgin geek and I live in the UK. I think you are fucking gorgeous! I've looked at lots of internet pornography, and all those skinny "18" year old shaved "virgins" with tiny tits and visible ribs just don't do it for me. But your curves, your hairy pussy and your toilet fetishes are hot! I still live with my parents and I have to wait until I'm home alone for a couple of hours before I can have a wank. I have no money and no credit cards so I can't pay to become a member. So I was wondering if you would let me into the members area (that's not a euphamism!) for free. No one would ever have to know! Go on! My dick is seven inches long and it LOVES you! I would rather you didn't put this on your site, but if you want to, please change my name. Keep up the good work you sexy slut! Mike in the UK

Hello Nancy ihave not been in touch for a long time my PC crashed and i lost everything including your e-mail address and i have just come across it this morning Just wanted to Wish you and Hubby a very happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year You still have the best and hairyest Cunt on the web and thats not forgetting your fantastic Figure I always remember you saying you would like to teabag me and i didnt know what it was John

Hi Nancy Merry Christmas to you and your family. I have got in to a regular routine of looking at your daily pics first thing each morning. After looking at today's gorgeous view I went to the bathroom for a shower. I was standing in the shower thinking about the great pic when the door opened and my wife steppedin. '' You have been looking at Nancy again'' she said, looking at my rigid cock. ''It would be a shame to waste it''. She took my cock in her hand and at first I thought she was going to masturbate it. However, she stepped forward and slid it into her steaming pussy. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I lifted by the back of her thighs and we had a great fuck under the shower. Believe me, we have been together for 45 yrs but this was the first time we had done it like that. Quite an experience. Have a great time and don't wear yourself out. Ivan

Hi Nancy,I would love to be your personal toilet,First I would like to put my nose up ass as you rip with a great smell fart smelling aroma.Then lean on to my back with my mouth wide open ready to take in a long brown turd from your ass Make sure to not drop any of it,then finnishing with a warm golden piss to wash it down yummy. Kevin. PS Is there any chance to see more video's of you pooping and farting cheers

Nancy, Hello, I wanted to email you and tell you that i love your pics i have seen. I love mature women and especiallynasty ones. You definately fit the bill. Is it possible to join your website with a money order? Also, do you meet with members. I would love to become a member and meet with you and your husband. I am bi curious and would love for your old man to assfuck me while you watched and call me names and spit on me and other stuff. Then i would love to lick his cock clean with you after he got done blowing his load up my ass. Then i would love for you to take a big nasty fucking dirreaha shit all over my face and then rub it all in (another intrest of mine). Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks JJ

Hi Nancy, Joe Bradford here. I just joined and, wow, have you got me horny. I've just spend the past hour exploring your site, looking you over and enjoying every square inch of your nakedness. I was just telling Alan via email that you cover all my biggest turn-ons. You guys really know what sex is all about! As I type this, I am looking at the gallery "Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner naked in my house." I love to see you doing ordinary things around the house naked, with all your sexual parts in full view of everyone. That is one of my biggest turn-ons ever. Right now I'm looking at the photo of you leaning over toward the dishwasher. Your butt looks so good! Wish I could have spent Thanksgiving with you and your family. I would have sat at the dining room table and enjoyed a cup of coffee dressed just like I am in the attached photo (and just as hard). Watching you walking around naked would be a dream come true! Thanks, Nancy, for such a great site, and keep that beautiful pussy exposed for all to see! Joe Bradford

Hello Nancy, My name is Nick and I'm 28 years old living in Denver, CO. This is my second time subscribing to your website and I LOVE it you are so hot, and you have the most incredible body. Any way I just wanted to say hello, and too tell you that I have a serious mommy fetish and that is one of the reasons I've returned to your site I love the fact that you let your son fuck you, God that makes me so hard just thinking about it. I have attached a pic of me and will tell you about my fantasies soon. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for having such a great web site. Nick

Dear Nancy, I LOVE your full bottomed granny panty pictures so much I am hard right now. I was raised by my aunt who was an older BBW and she also was a nurse and always wore granny panties. i saw these panties hanging from the shower rod every day of my young life and even peeked at her undressing and dressing. She once caught me peeking at her undressing and took me over her knee while she was wearing her white bra and white granny panties and gave me a hand spanking I will never forget. I have such a fetish for full bottom panties on mature women and your pictures are awesome. I really get off on your bottom naked in the air showing your ass and pussy because I imagine myself being behind you and licking and tounging your perfect bottom. I am only 26 but would give anything to worship your bottom and then have you turn me over your knee and spank me in front of your family. Please tell me what state do you live in and how old are you??? Any chance of a granny panty pict sent to me?? I can not write well enough to tel you my feelings about you. My dream before I died would be to spend 1 hour with you!!! To have you spank me, and pee on me and see me jack off in front of you would be so awesome. I know I ramble on and you probably have heard enough from me but you truly are my dream woman and I love your body and atitude so much........THANK YOU BILLy [email protected]

Nancy, I have to say this is the best site on the web. I love it! You are by far the sexiest woman in the world. I love all the same things you are into. I want to meet you so bad. I would do anything to meet you. I love your life style. I wish I was in your family and I wish my family was like yours. I fantasize about you daily and every woman I meet I compare to you. You have everything I want in a woman. I love that you have a hairy pussy. I love, love hairy pits. I love your feet!! I love BBW's. I love your body, would love to lick it all over. Love your ass and hole. Your boobs are perfect and pussy too. You are just perfect in general. I love the fact you love piss and poo. I love watching. Would like to try participating in that. I am in Minnesota and would love to make a trip to see you. Matt

Dear Nacy, I am writing you because I have never known anyone to openly confess that you have sex with your stepson, nephew let alone your mother. I think that is the sexiest thing I have ever heard of. Just thinking about it makes me hard as a rock. I am a member or your website know and I think you have a awesome body. I have always been interested in family sex. Im not sure why but it makes me so horny to just think about it. I have never acted upon my fantasys but I would love to watch someone else do it someday. Its because of my mother that I have a extreme fasination with older woman. Im 24 by the way. I have seen my mother naked before on more than one occasion. She is build very much like you. She has even caught me staring at her a few times. It doesnt just end there. My Aunt Fancise in another facination of mine, and so is my cousin Tanya. All three have beautiful bodies and i would love to lick every square inch of there bodies. Please write back and I will tell you about more of my fantasy. jon

Dear Nancy, I am 26 and live in MN and LOVE your body,pictures,atitude and every thing about you! If I could have any woman I am not kidding it would be you. Your hubby is so lucky to have you. I have some strange fetishes and you would be the ideal woman to fullfill my dreams. I dream of spying on a mature BBW like yourself peeing, undressing, showering ect. i dream of be caught by you and being ordered to jack off in front of you and then scolded and taken over your knee and spanked. PLEASE tell me have you ever spanked a young man? Could you be an agressive woman, kinda of dominant and spank a young man for peeking at you? I would give anything to have you sit on my face and ORDER me to tounge your bottom untill you came and then spank me with your hand over your knee. Am I weird? Your pictures make me so hard and am almost cumming right now looking at your hairy bottom and wishing it was sitting on my nose!!! I am not into the poo thing but would sure love to have you pee on me , spank and scold me and force me to jack off in front of you. I only have a 6 inch cock but it is very hard right now.. PLEASE reply to this letter to my email please.. [email protected] Thank you so much for the hard on I have and your time in reponding to this letter! Would LOVE a picture if you would please send one, bent over with your awesome bottom in the air!!! I sure could use a good spanking for writing this nasty letter to you.........Billy

Hey babe, This is my birthday and i though i'd look at the daily picture for this day, and the picture was mesmerizing however the wording was intoxicating the though of smelling your cunt and tasting your juices while licking and eating you out and playing with your huge tits really turned me on, i had to wank and oh my god it was great, i had the video of you masterbating in the background with sound and i just shot the biggest load because of you!!!!! By the way, ar eyou going to get some more videos up babe? Do you have like a chat email address i could add you on, i get so horny over you!!!! Love Chris

I am a new member but an old fan. I finally could not withstand it any longer and had to join your site. I am totally obsessed by your lifestyle and wish I could live it � having you being an extreme exhibitionist, slut, hairy dirty, filthy with a smelly hole (I hate clean cunts), fucking your family, being driven to deeper and deeper perversions by your own MOTHER!!!! WOW! But MOST of all, I joined to get pics of you shitting. If I were closer, I would DEFINITELY do all I could to visit you in person and have you unload a long, smelly turd right in my mouth and watch while I swallow it all down. Suck hubby�s cock (and any other cocks that are there), bend over and spread my ass and let anybody in � young or old, I don�t care � and eat your piss-cooked food and drink your piss straight out of the coffee pot . . . WOW what a brilliant lifestyle! my love, Thomas

Nancy, My boyfriend, Tommy, and me love your big titties and areolas! They are amazing. We were wondering if you lactate? We love titties that squirt milk and we just were thinking that lots of your men must love sucking sucking sucking your nipples -- are we right? How big are your nipples? I saw that your areolas are a good 3 inches - so so pretty. You should never hide those tits of yours from anyone. Tommy is always sucking my nipples so consequently my nipples are always dripping milk but we love it. He especially likes it when I have wet spots on my tops and my nipples are poking out (imagine that scene when its chilly outside!) Tell us all about your pretty titties.

Gooood morning! Man, I knew you wouldn't let me down. So good to hear from you again. You really are the best! You know that it is woman that set the tone for sex in the home and I can't help but feel as though your family can only count their lucky stars that you are a star in a million. My wife of 16 years cut our sex life out over seven years ago and she will not budge. I go to a nudist spa in Apache Junction AZ. and I'd say that 90 percent of the guys I jack off and suck off are in the same boat as me. We all would love to be with our wives but end up jacking off each other. Last Sunday I was with a great guy that let me lay on top of him, both of our cocks hard, I was facing him, he so wanted to get off too. He took both of our cocks in hand and started away, because I am only 150 lbs and he was more like 220 , taking my weight was not a problem. I was able to spread my ass and with my ass hole I was able to pinch his balls just enough for him to feel it. What a great feeling, his ballls, my ass, his hand jerking away. Hsaid wouldnt it be great to have a double headed dildo right now and with that I felt himcum all over both of our cocks!!!!!!!!!! WOW I responded with the a yes , it would feel great and added, wouldn't it be even better if our wives were here and could enjoy all the fun too. It's so much better for me when a woman is envolved. My sex life was so great when I was younger. I really miss it. But now I have you and your family to get me off and thats great! Thanks again for responding! And so fast too! Love u Ken

I'd love to eat the hot shit from your ass too, Baby Doll! Of all the web sites i've ever joined or visited, yours is without a doubt the fuckin best in the world.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and your family turn me on to no end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me also say that you are the only person that ever answered any of my Emails and that means so much to me . Let me also say that just today I came back across your site 10/01/2007 because, girl you seemed to drop off the face of the planet when your old web sit "Sassy Sally" was removed for whatever reason. I have jacked off more times than I care to count looking at your pictures and now I can get even more of your great body and shit and piss and cum in this site. I'm soooooo happy to have found you again. And I'm not even joking. Please Email me to let me know that you'd love to shit in my mouth and wash it down with your hot piss. Maybe your mother could even shit in my mouth too! Man What a turn on. By the way, are you Nancy or Sally or both? Not that it even matters. God I love you. Please don't leave us again! Ken

Nancy, just love your sexy body, that hairy pussy !! reaaly got turned on when I saw your hairy pits as well. I reaaly get turned on from the smelly pits or going down on a nice pissy and juiced pussy, pussy.I could spend hours licking and sniffing your smelly pits and pussy. I know that I'am weird, but it turns me on . Would be hot to have us three fucking and sucking , in PH, one fucking your mouth and one from behind fucking your pussy, then switch ends. Have hubby pull his cock out of your pussy so I can lick all your juice off, then lick your warm well fucked pussy . Want your pussy smell all over us , and if we feel like pissing just let it fly out . I will gladly lick you clean . I hope I'am not grossing you out. But I'am so nasty . Jerry

i have been jerking my dick off quite a bit lately. i've thought a lot about being YOUR toilet slave, and it excites me to think of drinking YOUR piss. That always makes me cum, imagining looking up at YOU while YOU laugh at me and piss YOUR hot stream down my throat. i use non capitals when speaking of myself, but use caps when referring to YOU. This is my way of letting YOU know that i am aware of my lowly place beneath YOU. i would love to be YOUR slave, in all manners, especially YOUR toilet slave. Although i have never eaten shit, i am sure that if YOU wanted me to so for YOU, that i would if it would please YOU. i'm going to jack off now, and think of licking YOUR asshole. YOUR devoted slave

Nancy: I joined your site not too long ago, but have been too shy to write you. But after spending some "quality time" with your pics & vids today, I just had to write and tell you what a wonderfully sexual woman you are! There are two things which cause me to lose it every time: your wonderfully hairy, wet bush ... and seeing it in pantyhose. I would love to spend some quality time down there for sure! 8 ) Hope you are well. Salivating, Michael

Hi Nancy I became member today after viewing your website. I love a lady with plenty of curves and, more especially, a very hairy pussy. After looking at some of your pictures I just had to release my frustration and joined my wife who was on our bed. She has an ample figure and quite a hairy pussy - not as much as your beauty though! We had a very enjoyable session and then I returned to your website. It will take me sometime to view it all but I know I will really enjoy it with a hard on all the time. Ivan

hi nancy just wanted to say hi and that im a huge fan of u and your site. its great how you and your family express yourselves. i would love to shove my hard cock deep inside you and blast a huge load inside your wet pussy and then lick it up off you. how often do you have fans over and what do someone need to do on order to meet you or get together with one of your fans. do you all travel any? i been masterbating to your site for years and would enjoy having your sweet lips all over my cock and blowing a load all over you. i really love the pic where you are standing and your pussy is engulfed in someones moutha nd you pee in his mouth. that is such a turn on. i would love for you to do that for me and cum all over me as well. have you done any dp shots or gangbangs that would be hot. anywho take care and stay sexy

hi nancy and family...my name is Andy and i just found your site for the first time...i just wanted to tell you that im blown away...most amazing site i have ever seen...you and your family live my dream life...i always thought i was really wierd to want the things i did but now i know my dreams are being lived atleast by someone...dont ever stop love you are the most amazing womnan i have ever seen...and tell that hubby of yours thanks for showing off his pretty cock and ass...thanks love...andy

Hi Nancy,Thanks for sharing your life with me and all your fans, living in your house must be bliss for the guys knowing your hairy pussy and ass, and of course mouth is ready and waiting for cock, the guys in your house must have no problem getting hard and shooting their loads into your holes. I have been a member of your site in the past, will re-join soon, and enjoyed watching your world and enjoying seeing you suck and fuck, wishing I was there waiting my turn. My previous partner and I used to swing regular, at last twice a month at a club near us and at friends homes. Being able to push my cock into different ladies holes was a great sensation, and watching other couples partying is a great turn on, although my cock recovers quickly its recovery time is really quick when being sucked by a lady being fucked. My present partner ( of 2 years) is not into the scene, although does not mind me playing. I have recently played with two ladies I�ve met via the web and two couples I used to swing with. I�m 55 my partner is 50. I�m slim and have a 6inch cock. Sue has small tits ( B cup) and nipples, large pussy lips and clit. She has a full bush, she was shaven when I met her but has grown it back. We have a great sex life, we fuck at least twice a day and she gives me a full blow job when I arrive home from work . She lets me fuck her ass hole but only once or twice a week, her pussy is very big and she does not want her ass hole to get the same by over use. I clean it for her after she shits, then rim her and always lick her clean after she pisses, she likes to drink my piss from my cock , but will not rim me. I love eating pussy, as you do. A wet pussy tastes great, and a wet bush helps keep the sweet smell last longer. Sue�s bush is like yours, although her bush extends on to the tops of her legs, and like yours reaches her ass hole. She does not wear panties or tights at home so its easy for me to lift her dress and lick or masturbate her till see cums as a prelude to a fuck. Unfortunately for her she usually doesn�t cum when fucking so I usually eat her to a cum after I�ve finished. The video of you pissing in the free section of your site is great, and the members only video of you shitting is unbelievable. Hubby must have been hard after that shoot, I hope you let him fuck your ass hole. I�m sure you get fucked at least once every day by both guys in your house. Do you refer one of them to fuck you and then the other takes over when he finishes? or do you prefer two cocks in two holes. Does Hubbys cock take preference and which hole does he refer. I prefer ass hole to fuck, but as the night goes on and my cock only gets half hard you cannot beat a big pussy, you can always fuck a big pussy with a half hard cock, then of course you get the dildo to give the lady a good fuck when you�ve finished. Sorry to keep you so long, hope you enjoy the pics. Please get one of the guys to fuck you for me. Luv and licks. Colin


Hi Nancy, I must confess I am in awe of your website. I ran across it by accidentally running across your husband's site. I am currently embracing some fetishes and I surf the web I guess to make myself feel better that I am not alone in the extreme sexual kinky things that I like to see and ultimately want to do. I don't know why I am drawn to say anything really I typically just view things and move on. Maybe I just want confirmation that I am not alone in my desires. Anyways you and your husband are beautiful. Enjoy yourselves to the fullest!
D Miller 08/21/07
Nancy....I love your web/site. Especially you! Your friends,that are normal Sexy down home Horny individuals....Who's taste i enjoy,too. Real people! Not those,so called " Beautiful.People..." in Playboy...Skinny/Broads,with Phonney pump up Boob's I.E., Their not even good for Jack'off material! KEEP US LOYAL FANS CUMMING!!!

I just wanted to let you know that you and your husband both are very hot. I am 21 years old and joined your site, I cant help but to play with myself every day with fantasies of eating your ass out and sucking your husbands dick. It makes me very excited when I get online. You guys are awesome. J

hi nancy. i'm 21 and i been looking at you website for the past 7 months. i found it on accident when i was looking at google and i just love your site sense then. i been reading and looking at your free tour on your site, and i love every thing you put on there. i masterbate to it everyday now. i also like the story the your son wrote on it about you. i felt that same way about my mom before. anyways i like your pee fetish. i wish i stick my face in your pussy and let you pee on my face puls i wish i was your son to see you naked all day every day and masterbate in front of you. lol, i'm getting hard right now just thanking about you.

Nancy, Hubby..... I will never cancel my subsciption to your site. I will let some of the other ones I subscribe to run out. But your site, your forum, you and your kinky members are what I really get off on. Posting stories and fantasies and desires that "mainstream" porn producers could not think of, let alone try to do. We are all here with you, Nancy.....on your's and hubby's erotic journey through time and space. It will be a thrill to eventually meet you and hubby in person, but I am tingling with anticipation of meeting my "peers". You guys and girls are my peers because we share something in common. Complete utter devotion to and appreciation of a real-live sex goddess! The heights of auto-erotic actions that we all reach when we are on Nancy's site or on the forums should be captured for the ages somehow. Just the thought of Nancy's fans all across the US and Canada and elswhere all jerking off or fingering their pussies or pissing all at the same time is incredible. What do you think of that, Nancy? Wouldn't you love to have a wall of TV's like CNN each one tuned into a different webcam. There you would have it all in front of you and hubby, Nancy...a 100 men and women all pissing, pooping, cumming, squirting, farting all for you! "mars"

Hi georgeous, First I have to say; what a lucky guy your hubby (and all those "familymembers" of yours! I understand you want to "keep your pussy for yourself" - no doubt there are people who try to make money on it otherwise - but it�s a pity I can�t save the pictures and enjoy them later on. By me they would be safe but naturally you can�t know that so I won�t argue any more - just be satified as long as I�m a member. I send you a few pictures so you can (partly) see what I would like to do with you as I did with my mistress here and that cock of mine I would like to use playing with you.... My mistress has little of the same shape of her body like you, don�t you think? Well, I can tell you her face is not as beautiful as yours but she is a lovely woman. I have to tell you that I�m married and me and my wife used to have wonderful sex and still can have oral sex but we can�t make "normal" fucking as her pussy due to a skin disease has dried to nothing and she can�t to nothing about it. What can I do? Masturbate (no pics available) see my mistress not very frequently, lick my wife and hope for miracles :) Love Peter

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