I love Masturbating in front of my friends and at parties!

I am always looking forward to opportunities to masturbate in front of my friends or groups of people at parties. I like to relax and let it all hang out after a long day at work and masturbation helps me relax. Here, I put on a white teddy and got my hubby and two of his friends to all sit on the couch across from me. They love looking at my pussy so when I unsnapped the teddy at my crotch, their eyes get really big as my hairy cunt is now in full view of them. I reached down to pull my big now swollen lips apart and I will let them look at my cunt for a few moments to get their cocks hard. Nancy shows the guys her pussy
Nancy fluffs up her pubic hair After letting the guys look at my hairy twat and get aroused for a few minutes, I reach down and start to "fluff up" my pubic hair. They all love my thick pubes and my guys all like to spend time playing with it. Then, I start to rub my clit while sticking my fingers into my cunt to get the juices that are now flowing heavily. I rub my wet fingers all over my pubic hair getting it wet and all sticky. The scent and flavor gets stronger and stronger while I play with myself. I could even smell the hot aroma of my cunt rising from my hairy hole.
After playing with my pubic hair for a few minutes, I stood up and removed all of my clothes. I like to give the fellas a totally unobstructed view of my tits and pussy. They often tell me to turn certain ways or bend over to expose my big puckered ass hole to them. I can hear the smacking sounds as they all stroke their rock hard dicks while I model myself to them. I stood right in front of them so they could see my now very hard nipples while I continued playing with my soaked vagina. I love exposing myself like this so we can all masturbate together. Nancy stands and Masturbates
Nancy masturbates with the boys We have all four been looking at each others naked bodies for about 45 minutes when I decided to sit on the couch between hubby's two friends. They were both hard as a rock and covered with pre-cum. My pussy and pubic hair was all soaked with my silky juices. We were all four at the point where we could cum at any moment. I sat down and proceeded to masturbate. Hubby's one friend grabbed a tit while the other buddy just watched and stroked himself as hubby took pictures. It was really hot now and the cum would soon be flying all over the place.
After masturbating and cuming to a wild climax in front of my hubby and his friends, I decided to get on the floor in front of the couch. I invited hubby's buddies to join me and take positions on each side of me so they could jack off and shoot their creamy jizz all over me. I didn't care where they blew their wads so long as it was on me. I like it in my face, on my tits or all over my pubic hair. Where ever it ends up, I will enjoy receiving every creamy warm drop! The guys ready to jack off on Nancy
Nancy tastes the guys cum This is one of my favorite ways of receiving cum from my guys, all over my face or in my mouth. I love the taste of cum especially when it is warm and fresh from a hard penis. This beautiful dick belongs to one of hubby's buddies. He just finished jacking off over my face. I had a fantastic view of his hard cock and balls as they bounced with each stroke. I would lick his balls while he rubbed his dick all over my chin. Just at the right moment, I would take him in my mouth to receive his squirting load. What a great lover he is. His other friend shot his load all over my tits at the same time. Would you like to join my swinging friends in masturbation fun? Just click on the banner below and get ready to blow your wad.

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