The Family Back Yard "Nude" Bar-B-Que
Weekends are always a special time for me, those that are really close to me and my family. We all enjoy the outdoors and a good Bar-B-Que, especially when I am serving pussy with the meal. We started one day in the early afternoon with a nice get together out on my patio. I was not wearing any underwear but I did have on a vest top but no bra. All of my guys along with my Hubby and a few friends were there to celebrate the day. As we ate and drank, the afternoon got hotter and hotter. I caught one of the boys looking at my nipples and trying to see the little wisps of pubic hair darting out from under the vest top. Another close friend was also doing all he could to try and see my pussy. I asked the boys if they wanted to see more and they exclaimed "YES"! That is when it started. I paraded around the patio for a bit, teasing everyone before I let my boobs out into the warm air. Naughty Nancy
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I took off my vest top and stretched to fully expose my entire body. My big 38D tits with my 3 inch aeroleas wiggled and dangled and my hairy pussy was fully exposed and at the ready. I could feel the moisture starting to dribble out from my vagina onto the pubic hair. I turned my back to the group on the patio for a moment and bent over to show off my big ass and my cute little puckered ass hole. I told all of the guys present to start undressing and meet me just inside the house for some fun. I was so fucking horny that I decided to take on the entire group. Now I will find out who the "real men" at this gathering are. This outdoor family bar-b-que could quickly turn into a horny "Fuck Mom Party". Naughty Nancy
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