I let the guys watch me "GO"......

I know it's kinky and extreme but my desire is to let the guys experience just about any fetish they want too. I have many friends both related and not that have a very kinky fetish and they turn to me to live that out. This particular fetish is about as extreme as it gets. Let's just say I was pushing very hard to do something to excite the guys taking pictures of my ass hole. Shortly after the pictures were taken, I had several extremely excited guys to take care of and they had loads of hot sticky cum to share with me. My boys all enjoy the wild fantasies I let them live out with me. Want to see more? Cum in and I will let you watch if you dare. Nancy spreads and pushes
Photo taken by a brother-in-law

Family Toilet Exhibitionism...Pure Kink at it's Best

Nancy lets the fudge drop on her patio
Photo taken by a nephew
Hot kinky Family Toilet play can occur anywhere in my house. Even outside on my patio where we spend lot's of time naked during the warmer weather months. Whenever I have to go to the bathroom I tell the guys and start to head for the toilet. Much of the time they stop me and tell me to let it go right where I am at that moment. In this case they probably thought I had to pee but I had a surprise in my ASS for them. They all got in front of me and watched expecting to see a golden stream gush from my pussy but instead, they got a shot of long soft candy oozing from my hot ass hole. "WOW!" and "BEAUTIFUL!" were words said as I surprised the gathering. They were all surprisingly turned on and extremely excited. A nephew captured this shot as one candy bar fell from my butt. After I finished, I pissed then had several volunteers to be my toilet paper. I let their tongues clean me up!

I even let the guys "GO" for me......

Dirty play is not one way in my house. I sometimes let the guys give me their candy bars too. My Hubby was naked with me in our bathroom and my Mother was present watching and taking pictures. We had been drinking piss when he turned his ass to my face and bent over. I looked at his gorgeous ass hole and saw it start to open. Before I knew it, a huge candy bar started to poke out so I cupped my hands under his ass hole. I heard Mom say "catch it sweetheart". Before I knew it, a beautiful long chocolate bar fell right into my hands. My pussy was screaming with excitement as I captured this chocolate prize from my hot Hubby's ass. After taking the warm load, I rubbed it on my tits and pussy before inserting it into my cunt and masturbating with it hanging out while Hubby and my Mom watched the whole kinky event. What a nasty and dirty cum that was and I loved every minute! Nancy catches candy
Photo taken by my Mother

Fudge eaters heaven! I love making "Dinner" for the guys.

Hubby eats from Nancys hot ass
Photo taken by my Mother
Umm we are both Fudge eaters in my house. In fact, many of the guys are "fudge eaters". Hubby pictured here just captured a fresh load from my big bottom and is quickly eating it as Mom takes pictures. It was a big and long one that quickly filled his big hands. Hubby loves my chocolate and openly celebrates the occasion by devouring every inch of it. During our special Family Toilet parties, a lot of pee is consumed along with my fudge provided I can push it out. The guys love to have me stand naked in front of them and watch me push out my ass candy. The sometimes bicker among each other as to who is going to get it. I love the attention and watching them eat my candy. Getting hungry?

Getting kinky with my ass candy......

Sometimes I just get so fucking kinky that I do things that drive the guys wild. Take poo smearing. I don't do it that often but sometimes, I just go crazy and do this. I like to catch my own when it is fresh and soft. I take it and smear it all over my boobs and into my pussy. I tell the guys to line up and we have what I would call a "toilet gang bang". They all fuck me and of course, get my fudge on their bodies and cocks in the process. I have even had them squat over me and add theirs to the nasty mix of fudge already smeared on my body. I cannot explain what makes me do this other than to say it is because I love it and my guys go crazy with me when I do it. It's a special form of body painting that not many people will do but I enjoy doing it, especially in front of my Family because it turns them on so much. Nancy smears it all over her body
Photo taken by my Hubby

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