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My Bi Hubby and I sometimes just get away from the house and take a little road trip to meet people. We like to stay in nice hotels, expose ourselves in the windows and stay naked as long as we can. We even leave the door to our room open a bit just so anyone walking by that can hear us fucking can sneak a peak if they like. This night, hubby took the camera and got some really wonderful close ups of my pussy. He wanted me to show off my pee hole and masturbate. Hubby used his finger to gently play with my clit and lips, making me more and more horny. Soon he placed the camera on a nearby desk and ate me out. I love the view of his sexy butt in the air. Then he moves it again so we can fuck. We didn't have another person to run the camera so I apologize for the side view of us fucking. But at least you do see us fucking.

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