I love my Hubby...He is my Main Man!
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This year my Hubby and I celebrate over 32 years of marriage. We love each other very much and our lives just keep getting better and hotter. More and more people have found out about us and our open approach to sex and life. We live life to the fullest and include each other in every sexual adventure we take. I love seeing Hubby play with other people and he gets off sharing me with other guys and gals. We even have fun with people in our own family and allow them to participate with us and have sex anytime they want it. My own Mother enjoys seeing the two of us making love but I know for a fact that she really like's Hubby's very pretty cock and balls. She has commented on how pretty his pubic hair patch is. Nancy and Hubby
Nancy kisses Hubby while Naked in front of her Uncle

Nancy and Hubby
Nancy sucks Hubbys Hot Cock while her Mom takes pictures
I love to serve this man and I mean "serve". I treasure every moment we have together particularly when we are having wide open sex in front of others like relatives and my mother. She took this picture one evening as hubby had undressed in front of her and started to masturbate when I had the urge to get a load of his cum in my mouth. I sucked and sucked his gorgeous cock while playing with those hot balls. I worked on him until he could no longer contain his load. BANG!!!! Out it shot into my mouth and down my throat as he thrusted his cock all the way into my mouth. Mom said he is so hot when he masturbates like this. I agree. Don't you?

Hubbys Cock Hubbys Ass
OK guys, admit it....he has a gorgeous cock and a very lickable ass doesn't he? You would be surprised how many "straight" guys visit us and before the evening is over they have had their first BI experience with him. He is a wonderful cock sucker and they get so aroused that they loose control. It's almost magic how his body makes people feel when he is naked in their presence. Wana suck or lick him?

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