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My "Uncle Bob" has known me since I was a kid. Though he is not my real uncle, he is a life long family friend we always called "Uncle Bob". Whenever he was in town, he would visit our family and spend the weekends in our house. One evening many years ago, I accidently walked in on him while he was taking a shower. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. I was so aroused that when he finished and opened the shower door, there I was topless in my underwear with my hand in my panties rubbing my pussy. His penis got huge when he saw me that evening. After that, I started to deliberately run around naked when he was visiting just showing off my tits and pussy to him. When I turned 18, Uncle Bob suggested that I pose for some nude photos he wanted to take. I was eager to let him take the pictures. After showing him every hole on my body, I decided to approach him and take his rock hard dick out of his pants and started sucking him off. Since then, we have been very active together whenever he visits. I love "Uncle Bob" and enjoy letting him have my pussy! Nancy with Uncle Bob

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