Want a pair of my worn/used panties?

I have received a lot of e-mails over the past few months asking me if I would consider selling my "worn" or "dirty" underpants? Well we have decided to offer them for sale and ask that you let us know if you would like a pair. They will be very much like the ones you see me wearing here. They will be worn for at least one full day, rubbing up against my hairy pussy and ass hole, even moist with drops of my pee in the crotch.
We are using Paypal as the payment method. Panties are $29.99 including ground shipping in the U.S.A. Send your Paypal payment to "[email protected]". Indicate in the message area how you want them, "dry", "stained", "pissed in", etc.....
Please provide your "SHIPPING ADDRESS" in the Paypal payment. Your panties will be shipped in an unmarked package. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.
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Panties will be pulled up my butt!

Click Here to Buy my Panties Every pair of panties will be totally exposed to my pussy and my big ass. I will pull them all the way up my butt crack to get any essence of my ass chocolate on them plus that wonderful aroma of my butt crack! You will want to hold them close to your face while you jack off. You can even jack off on them adding your own special essence to mine. Want to smell my butt while you jack off?

I like to piss in my panties

This is my guys favorite way to enjoy my underpants, they love for me to piss in them they they put them on and wear my pissy pants around the house. I get a kick out of seeing the guys wearing my piss soaked underpants with their boners sticking out of them. I like to rub their cocks through the wet pants and make them shoot a load of cum in them. Would you like a pair of my piss soaked panties? Click Here to Buy my Panties

Dirty and wet panties!

Click Here to Buy my Panties I have been selling dirty and piss soaked panties to friends for years now. We are now offering them from this web site and are using Paypal as the payment method. Please click on any one of the pictures on this page or you can click HERE to send me an e-mail payment via Paypal. Make sure you give us a good shipping and return e-mail address so we can contact you if there is a problem. We WILL NOT give your e-mail or shipping address to anyone. My dirty/used panties are $29.99 each. That includes all shipping fees. Everything will be shipped standard ground service anywhere in the U.S.A. NO OVERNIGHT shipments!

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I like letting guys smell the crotch of my underpants.
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