Showing my Underwear - Panties and Bra!

For those of you who enjoy seeing women in their everyday underwear, I have a treat for you. As much as I like to expose myself, I also enjoy letting people see me in my underwear. These are always the last articles of clothing my guys see before I get totally naked. I like to make sure some of my pubic hair sticks out from the outer edges of my panties so everyone can tell that I have a very hairy pussy. When I am at parties, I often parade around dressed like this for the first half-hour or so before I remove the bra and release my 38D tits for everyone to see. Shortly thereafter, I remove my panties to let everyone see the hairy beast that is hidden under them. Care to help me take my undies off? Nancy Shows off her Underwear Crotch

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I can't wait to take my panties off in front of my guys.
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