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Many years ago, a friend at a party accidently walked in on me while I was pissing in the bathroom. He looked at me sitting on the toilet and told me he had never seen a woman piss before. We were all kind of drunk so I stood up and continued pissing letting him see my pussy and my piss streaming out of it into the toilet. His dick got so hard that I sucked him off right there. Since then, I have been performing various acts of watersports in front of people at parties. I even host my own "piss" parties. The rules are no one goes to the bathroom when they have to pee. They stand in the middle of the room in full view of the others, strip totally naked and piss on a special cover I place on the floor. They can either just piss on the cover or they can piss on themselves or piss on a willing partner. When it is my turn to pee, the guys line up to be pissed on or drink my pee straight from my pussy. Sometimes I sit in the middle of the floor and let all the guys piss on me at the same time! Want to host a piss party at your place? Invite me and I will make sure everyone has a horny and wet time!

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Nancy's Mature and Beautiful BBW Pussy!
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