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We listened to the complaints and have decided to remove ALL Pop Up's and Consoles from this site. All of them! It's risky because in this industry, traffic is driven by Pop-Up ads and links to help support the site. However, my Hubby and I decided that your surfing enjoyment is so critically damaged by these little "tricks" of the trade that we have had them all removed. No hidden scripts are running to bait you into going to another site. No sleazy tricks to upload adware or spyware onto your computer. The only "Pop Up" you will see is all the cocks POPPING up as I give up my HAIRY PUSSY to all the guys in my house. We want you to enjoy what you came here kinky amateur sex. Of course by joining you help support us and our drive to make our lifestyle public for those who enjoy what we do. This is not one of the huge mega-porn sites you see all over the web. Ours is a simple site, simple graphics, simple ideas, and simple people just enjoying sex to the max. Surf safely on this site and enjoy your stay with us! Nancy
Photo taken by Hubby while I suck a friend

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