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This weeks theme: May 9, 2010 thru May 15, 2010 - My own Brother loves to photograph my hairy pussy

When we were growing up in my parents home over 40 years ago, me and my three brothers were all very open with each other. My parents were nudists and brought us up in that lifestyle. I was always very curious about the differences between boys and girls and had a fascination with the penis. I couldn't keep my eyes and hands off of them. My brothers provided me all the opportunity I could ask for by letting me feel their cocks and learn by playing with them. My middle brother was always the one who sat back a bit and watched the other two brothers and me have fun. As we got older we would all masturbate and do other things together naked. I could tell the this one brother was like me, he liked cocks. The three boys would all play and sometimes I would see my middle brother sucking on one of the guys. I was amazed. As we all got older we engaged in all sorts of family sex together but it was clear that this one brother was gay. Today we still get together frequently. My brother and hubby have struck up a wonderful love for each other and they engage in all sorts of man/man sex together. He also love to photograph hubby and me and likes to take pictures of my pussy. This week, I am featuring some of my favorite images captured by my gay brother as hubby and I share our sex lives openly with him.

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