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I am always up for sucking a hot cock but my favorite cock to suck belongs to my Bi Hubby. In our over 30 years of marriage, I honestly can say I love him more and more every day. I love to serve him in every way possible. One thing I really enjoy doing in front of the rest of our family is taking his beautiful meat in my mouth and making oral love to him. I enjoy the male aroma of his crotch and I occasionally go down on his ass hole and rim him too! I like how it tastes and feels when I slip my tongue between his cheeks. As he approaches his climax, I can taste the pre-cum oozing out of his hot dick. It throbs and pulses as I suck harder, caressing his balls and playing with his bottom. That moment when he thrusts himself forward deep into my mouth is heaven. Oh how I love feeling all that hot sperm blasting down the back of my throat from deep inside his body. Ummm yes let me take all of you my love! Nancy sucking Hubbys Dick

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