Nancy, Posing and Pooping...WOW!

When one of my younger friends approached me and asked if he could take pictures of my pussy for a class project, I was trying to think of something I could do to him to really surprise him during the picture taking session. I wanted to do something that would catch him totally off guard. As I raised my legs and he started taking pictures, I could feel the pressure building up to shit. I didn't say anything to him about it, we just went on with me exposing my pussy and ass while he took picture after picture. Nancy Poops
Nancy Poops This was the moment of truth....I decided to let my poop ooze out of my ass while pretending to continue posing. I raised my legs really high and spread to make sure my ass hole was totally visible to the young lad. Suddenly, I felt it, out emerged the very tip of a turd. The boy took the picture then pulled the camera away from his face. He looked at my ass and his eyes got big and he smiled..."WOW..Are you shitting?" he asked. "Yes, do you want me to continue?" I asked him. "Oh YES YES! Please do it, I have never seen anything like this before!" With that, I pushed more and he started taking pictures like crazy.
I didn't quite know what to expect when I started to do this but I am pleased....the young fella is so excited to see me shitting right in front of him. He is taking picture after picture of my totally exposed pussy and ass while I push out a big poop. "God that is so wild!" he said. I am now working hard to push it all out. This is a pretty big turd I am working on. "Don't stop, I want that when you are done" he said. I wonder what he wants with my shit? Nancy Poops
Nancy Poops I couldn't help but get a big smile on my face after finishing. The young guy was also smiling and at this point had unzipped his pants to release his rock hard dick. He was photographing me with one hand and stroking his dick with the other. "This is so crazy...I have never seen anything like this!" he said. I felt so excited because this was one of those things you just don't do. Shitting in front of someone and at the same time finding out that the person is also extremely excited by this kinky act.
This takes the toilet sex fetish way beyond what I thought it would be. My young guy asks me to pull my pussy wide open. He gets only feet from me to take this picture of the fresh shit and my wide open and very excited cunt. He took the rest of his clothes off and started to climb on top of me. I stretched out leaving the poop right between my legs. We ended up fucking with the warm shit right there up against my ass. The boy came in 30 seconds and so did I. This is just one example of the kind of kinky sex we have at my house. Care to see more? Just sign-up and join my party. Nancy Poops

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