NOTE: Your browser MUST be able to send referring HEADER information in order to view videos. If you get the following error message:

Access Denied
We're sorry, this webserver is unable to deliver the content you have requested.
Reason: No referring URL given
Your browser may not be sending a referrer header (HTTP_REFERER).
Click Here to test your browser's ability to pass along the referring URL

You will need to reduce or turn off firewall settings. AOL users may encounter problems because AOL doesn't like porn sites. Try using either Netscape ver 6.0 or higher and/or Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher instead of going through AOL. Windows Media Player Ver 11.0 Issues have been fixed.
Video files are in Windows .wmv format.

If you have NORTON ANTI-VIRUS, follow the folling directions to allow video playback:
Open Norton Internet Security
On Web Content Options Page, it will open to "Global Settings"
Go to section "Information about visited sites"
Select "PERMIT"
Click OK at the bottom of the page
Click OK at the bottom of the next page
Close Norton.
That should do it. If not, you can ask for HELP by emailing the WEBMASTER HERE